The Diamondbacks’ alternate road uniforms are awful, and everybody hates them

The Diamondbacks wore their new alternate road uniforms for the first time time today, and the reaction was, well, not good.It didn’t help that Arizona was wearing the dark gray monstrosities in the bright sunshine of Los Angeles against a Dodger team wearing its cla sic home whites. The comparison was not flattering.Patrick Corbin (Getty Images)MORE: Worst alternate uniforms in baseball |A look at the Padres’ visual historyHere aresome of the reactions:The Diamondback’s uniforms make them look like futuristic maintenance men working on a trash truck in space. Rob Lowe (@RobLowe) April 12, 2016These are not gonna work for me, @Dbacks. Drew Silva (@drewsilv) April 12, 2016Diamondback uniforms are trash Dan Welter (@Dan_Welter) April 10, 2016These new Diamondback uniforms are ugly. They look like a slow pitch softball team. Josh Voigtlander (@Jvoigt3) April 10, 2016These Diamondback uniforms are the ugliest things I’ve ever seen… Holly Lambchuck (@hmlambchuck) April 10, 2016You might think the Dbacks uniforms are bad. Well, friends, I’m here to tell you you ‘re wrong. They’re actually the worst unis of all time. Hunter Samuels (@HunterSamuels) April 12, 2016The diamondback uniforms are disgusting Marco (@holasoymarco27) April 12, 2016Wow! There’s a lot going on in those Diamondback’s uniforms. Might take 9 innings to make sense of it all. Sandy S. (@Just_Dandie) April 12, 2016I don’t think it can be said enough but those Diamondback uniforms are awful Julia M. Payne (@jmpayne24) April 12, 2016The Diamondback uniforms are the UGLIEST baseball unis I have ever seen. Momma Bailes (@AmyBailey1970) April 8, 2016Hot take on the Diamondback’s uniforms… Nah, just kidding, those things are absurd. Alex Lamb (@MrHotspurLoper) April 12, 2016I know I’m late to the party, but the Diamondback uniforms are a hideous embarra sment to @mlb @Dbacks and #america. #greedygrienke maybe? Jeremy Maxwell (@jeremymaxwell) April 10, 2016